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USAG Stuttgart is among the popular, active and actually useful US military bases in Germany. It is located in Stuttgart, in the Baden Wurttemberg province, in a place well known worldwide for brands like Porsche or Mercedes. The base is surrounded by four other camps that are also run by the Americans – Kelley, Patch, Panzer and Robinson. Its primary mission is to support these bases and provide them with everything they need. Other than that, the on site troops are responsible for maintaining the local aircraft, not to mention about providing the inhabitants with premium, first class lifestyle conditions in order to ensure a homelike experience and to maintain the soldiers ready to join any conflict. The military troops hosted there are often referred to as the purple community, mostly because they come from all the army fields in the United States of America – Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army and Coast Guard. Aside from the military troops, you can also count the family members, as well as the employed civilians and the contractors.


The local housing system at USAG Stuttgart is controlled and maintained by the Directorate of Public Works. Aside from the housing opportunities, it is responsible with a good and proper homelike environment and quality problems to ensure mission readiness. With a wide variety of options out there, your necessities and requirements will help the office workers trim the results to provide you with the best ideas. You can opt for multiple bedroom apartments, not to mention about entire houses. You also have the option to buy or to rent. Most people choose to rent, since things can always change and they got no clue how much longer they will be there. What is also very important is whether you come as a single soldier or along with your family.

If you are interested in having even more options or you simply didn’t fill up the application early enough to get an on site home by the way you got there, you can always use the off site system, which is privatized. This system is more diversified, plus you have multiple real estate agencies to work with. The prices are affordable. However, you will not benefit from the advantages of the on site housing, such as reduced costs for most facilities.

From a different point of view, if you are deployed to USAG Stuttgart for a small period of time – such as days, you may choose an inn or a hotel nearby.


With units from all the military fields of the United States of America, the “purple community” of Stuttgart consists of more units, squadrons, regiments and companies. Some of them are permanent, while the associate tenant units are usually temporary and hosted for limited periods of time. Among the most important permanent units, you can count the European Mission Support Squadron, the Defense Information Systems Agency from Patch Barracks, the 52-nd Signal Battalion from the same camp, the United States African Command, the 554-th Military Police from Kelly Barracks or the 1/10-th Special Forces Group from Panzer Barracks.