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Scott AFB is one of the multiple US military bases operated by the Air Force. It is located in Illinois, close to Belleville, somewhere in the southern side of the state. The name is given in the honor of the first enlisted US pilot that was killed in a crash, Frank S. Scott. Although it was initially build to deal with military operations only, the base has decided to give out a few specific areas for civilian uses. Therefore, a small part of it is referred to as the MidAmerica St. Louis airport. The airport served both civilian and commercial flights until 2009, when a new company took it over and decided to take the commercial flights out of its objectives.


The base was first heard of during World War I. That is when it was built on 624 acres of land near Belleville, in 1917. The name is very suggestive. This base is the only American military camp that was named after an enlisted individual. The training sessions began the same year. During the first months, the base operated for flying ambulances only and was used to bring down the injured troops. Since the staff did so well, it became the main objective of the base. After the end of World War I, the base was mostly disestablished. A small part of it was turned into a training field for light air crafts. By 1937, these operations were discontinued as well. In 1938, the government decided to turn Scott AFB Illinois into the Air Force headquarters. In other words, the base took a completely new role. At the first view, it seemed like a pretty big hat for this base. Things worked out differently though. A huge demolition project began in 1938, while 73 luxurious and advanced buildings and bases were built instead. Multiple schools and courses were transferred from other bases here by 1939.

In 1941, as a preparation for World War II, the government pumped more money into the base, raising 160 new buildings and a few more camps. By 1952, some more housing opportunities showed up as well for both the current and the new staff. Ever since then, there were not any notable events in the history of the base.

According to the 2000 census, the place hosted 2707 individuals, 662 families and 682 households in an almost perfect balance.


Since it is pretty large, Scott AFB benefits from a very well built internal system. The citizens benefit from a light rail, a metro bus, multiple recreational areas and any service the citizens can use, starting with a good health care service and ending with a center for domestic violence. The entertainment is part of the life at the base as well, with bars, cinemas or theaters.


The housing system is very strict in an attempt to maintain the best balance between the number of inhabitants and the available places. Therefore, your purpose and position at Scott AFB Illinois are very important when applying for a home, whether you want to buy or to rent one.