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USAG Schweinfurt Army Base in Schweinfurt, Germany US Military Bases in Germany

Initially built as a military facility, these days USAG Schweinfurt is more than that. It is a real community, close to the size of a little town. It is located in the middle part of Germany and is part of a ramified network of military bases run by the Americans in Europe. The base is in Schweinfurt, in Bavaria, on the right part of the Main river. The base is the home of more than 11000 inhabitants. Only 4000 of them are actual military troops. The others are family members or civilians employed there. The way this base became an actual community is simple to understand. The process was similar for all the bases in Germany. Since they are located far from the United States of America, moving the units and their families around was not such an easy process. Therefore, many of the people living here were actually born at the base.

The base is split into four major areas – two for living and two for training. The training areas are among the most advanced ones in Germany. With all these, the base is not really active. It is slowly turning into a nonmilitary community due to its stand-by position. However, it is always ready to move on if required to. The troops are supposed to be activated in case of longterm conflicts. The two training and military facilities are the Conn Barracks and the Ledward Barracks. The living areas are similar to small towns. Basically, aside from housing facilities, the inhabitants have access to schools, child centers, bowling centers, recreational areas, various medical clinics and a fitness center.


Just like all the other co-bases run by the United States of America by the German regulations, this one was also taken over after World War II. The base was initially built long ago and used for training sessions by the powerful German army. As World War II was reaching to an end, the Germans were slowly losing land. This is how the base got in the hands of the Americans. The NATO forces also stepped in throughout its history.

Over the years, USAG Schweinfurt didn’t play a very major role in the wars the Americans started. It does have a strategical location in the middle of Europe, but with so many bases in that area, there are obviously other military bases that are better placed or that benefit from more advanced equipments.


When moving to USAG Schweinfurt, you need to get in touch with the local housing office. The main objective of this office is to ensure a stress free and peaceful relocation for every new soldier, whether you come there with your family or alone. You will be assigned to a sponsor who will teach you about the surroundings and let you know how things go around.

Germany is a very safe place, so you may also relocate off site, in Schweinfurt for example. At that point, the privatized system steps in, which might be a bit more expensive.