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Pine Bluff Arsenal Army Base in Jefferson County, AR Arkansas Military Bases


Pine Bluff Arsenal is located in the Jefferson County, in the immediate proximity of the city with the same name. It is in the central part of Arkansas. It is one of the few military facilities that have the permission to store chemical weapons. At the same time, it is the one and only base in the northern hemisphere that has the proper and adequate equipment to operate white phosphorous operations. Other than that, the arsenal is operated by the US AMC (Army Materiel Command) and its primary mission implies research operations, as well as manufacturing and storing of extremely powerful weapons. Its main role is in the defense of the United States of America.


Pine Bluff Arsenal was initially established as Chemical Warfare Arsenal in 1941. It was part of the huge plan of the US government to increase the military force, as World War II was already pretty intense in Europe. The base was constructed to deal with bombs and grenades. As World War II was gaining in intensity, the base was improved and its array of operations included chemical weapons and lethal gases. They used to be stored in bombs and shells. One of the most important events this base was part of in World War II was negative and implied the accidental launch of a few German rockets containing mustard gas. Fortunately for the human communities around, the rockets were launched in an empty field.


The chemical operations went on after World War II ended too, until 1969. By that year, the specialists managed to create at least 7 harmful agents. Nixon decided to ban the chemical activities in 1969, especially after the protests against Agent Orange. Agent Orange was significantly used in the Vietnam War. One of the operations it was part of implied the death of more than 400K Vietnamese citizens, while 500K children were born with various malformations. According to Red Cross, the war affected more than 3M people due to the Agent Orange exposure. The weapons were destroyed by 1974.


A few other attempts of the United States of America to develop mass destruction chemical weapons were slowly taken down by the current laws, regulations and treaties. However, no one can tell precisely if they are entirely destroyed or not. In the summer of 2005, Pine Bluff Arsenal suffered from a huge fire that released white smoke. It seems it started from some white phosphorous leakage. It seems almost 8000 canisters of this substance were lost in the accident.

Housing and facilities


The facilities at Pine Bluff Arsenal are extremely varied and advanced in order to support the anxious deployment of the specialists. The base covers almost 13500 acres and has more than 5000 undeveloped acres. It hosts 665 buildings, dealing with various clubs, bars, social centers, dining facilities, restaurants, a post exchange, recreational areas and a wide variety of other services any community has.


Since there is enough room for everyone, the housing system doesn’t have too much work to do. According to your rank and deployment, you will be given a few options to choose from.