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Patrick Henry Village Army Base in Heidelberg, Germany US Military Bases in Germany

Patrick Henry Village is one of the multitude of American bases located in Europe. Although it is run by the US Army, it is actually a co-base due to its location. This means it operates under the laws and requirements of the German government. Its position doesn’t place it among the most strategic European bases. As a matter of fact, this is not even why it was built. The base is named after one of Virginia governors Patrick Henry, who is not just the first governor of the state, but also the sixth. The purpose and objectives of this camp are not clear for everyone. Judging by the activities taking place there and the equipment, it is a small base in a standby position, always ready to step in when unexpected situations arise.


The base was built in 1947, after World War II ended. It was built to ensure the security and protection in the area. Its purpose changed a little in time, as Germany was no longer an enemy for Europe, but slowly turned into an American ally. The upcoming wars didn’t bring in too many changes, whether you consider the Cold War, the Korean War, the Vietnam one or the one against terrorism. Obviously, the base always served for the temporarily dispatched troops, but never for long periods due to the limited space.

In the modern age, Patrick Henry Village is a pacifist spot with multiple training spots for the both active and retired troops. It serves as a hosting place for the troops in this area, as well as their families.


The facilities at this co-base place it among the best in the world, especially when it comes to the overall happiness of the citizens. Most of the services are offered for free, therefore the troops have nothing to waste their money on. When it comes for commercial uses, the fees are still insignificant. You can count shops, restaurants, health care and dental offices, postal services, sport facilities and a good educational system. Basically, the citizens have everything here. The base can be described to be as a regular town, but run by military forces. The military hospital is fitted with the latest technologies and can deal with both the troops and the civilians from the surrounding areas. The kids have their special places too. In order to keep the kids entertained, the authorities have built multiple skating parks and arcades.

Do you like to hang out a lot? Choose your path. Whether you want a theater, a pub or a good movie at the cinema, you have them all. Churches, libraries, golf, basketball, tennis or baseball courts are also among the most popular services in the area.


The housing system is simple. In Patrick Henry Village, you can opt for houses or apartments. Your rank in the US army has a major role to play. A general will always be served before a private, for example. Aside from this easy and user friendly system, you can also choose to relocate off site, where you have access to more options due to the extra privatized system.