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Panzer Kaserne Marine Corps Base Boeblingen, Germany US Military Bases in Germany


Panzer Kaserne is one of the almost 60 co-bases located in Germany and run by the United States of America. It is operated by the US Army, but under German regulations. It is located in a small area of Stuttgart – Boeblingen, in the southern side of Germany. The good news about the bases in Germany is that they are mostly concentrated in this side of the country. Reaching from one to another is piece of cake. Overall, this group concentrates a huge American power in Europe. The name comes after a German word – panzer, which means tank.


The history of this base dates back to World War II. Just like the name suggests, it used to be the place where the Germans kept their tanks during the war. The name hasn’t changed since then. It was built at the same time with another similar base – Patch – by the German authorities. Both bases had to deal with tanks, therefore they were connected through a special road built to easily support the overweight vehicles without too much problems. Many of the facilities built back then managed to resist in time and are used these days as well. For instance, the mural in the main club for the superiors was painted in 1939 and never changed since then. At the same time, the camp is “hidden” behind a little forest that troops still use for special training sessions. Finally, the outdoor shooting range looks like it did in the ’40s. At those times, the base was among the most important and advanced ones in the world. Aside from hosting the heavy powerful vehicles, it also had an indoor firing range.


Panzer Kaserne welcomes its inhabitants with a wide variety of facilities. First of all, it might be a shock for the American newcomers while trying to adapt to a new culture. They are only 2 hours away from Munich and surrounded by small traditional villages, forests and farmlands. The children can be educated to the Boeblingen Elementary School, which once used to be a German barracks. Aside from the classrooms, it can provide a few libraries, offices and a cafeteria. Other than that, the cultural side of the region is very important, mostly due to the short distance to Munich, which includes dozens of interesting things to visit.

The Panzer Kaserne citizens can also benefit from a post office, banking services or a dispensary. In other words, they can take advantage of anything they need. Even the recreational side is worth mentioning, with bowling alleys and golf, tennis, football or basketball fields. The camp includes bars, pubs or cinemas as well. The kids can kill their time in the multitude of gardens and skating parks.


The housing system at Panzer Kaserne is strongly connected to your purpose there. Aside from the on site accommodation, you can choose to live off site as well. If dispatched there, you will most likely be assigned to a sponsor to help you accommodate to the new lifestyle.