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Located in the eastern side of Nebraska, Offutt AFB is named in the memory of Jarvis Jennes Offutt, the first citizen of Omaha who died during World War I. He passed away after his SE 5 aircraft crashed in France. The base is famous for building the first two aircrafts to release atomic bombs. At the same time, it hosted the Strategic Air Command for over 4 decades. The same command was responsible for a potential nuclear war during the Cold War as well. The military base is a census designated place. In 2000, almost 9000 citizens were hosted on site.


The base has always been an important military spot in the history of the United States of America. It was initially established as Fort Crook in 1890, after an Indian fighter of the Civil War. Prior to World War I, it played a major role in the American war against the Spanish forces. As World War I came close and joining it was no longer an option, the authorities decided to assign the 61-st Balloon Company at Fort Crook in 1918. By 1921, the base was improved with some extra housing facilities, ground leveling operations and runways. Two more balloon units joined it. After the war, in 1924, the US government decided to rename it to Offutt Field.

In 1940, the military base was taken through a new round of improvements as World War II was approaching. A bombardment plant was built on site, as well as a few hangars, assembly buildings and a 3 km long runway. Over the war, the plant produced B 26 Marauder and B 29 Superfortress planes. Over 500 such bombers were built until the end of the war. Among them, you can count Bockscar and Enola Gay, the first bombers used to drop nuclear bombs in a military action, against the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After the war, the activity was ceased. The base was renamed to Offutt AFB in 1948, after the newly formed Air Force took it over.

The ease of world tensions from the modern era allowed the Air Force to reorganize in the ’90s. The base went through a new series of improvements, with new housing facilities, malls, firehouses and a weather agency. Aside from the atomic bombs, the place is famous for being one of the first locations where George W. Bush set up the plan to fight against terrorism. He went to the base on September, 11-th, 2001, a few hours after the attacks.


The 55-th Wing is currently the host unit at Offutt AFB. The operations group deals with 13 types of aircrafts, totaling 46 planes. Other than that, the unit consists of the mission support group, the communications group, the maintenance group, the electronic combat group and the medical group. Aside from the 55-th Wing, the base hosts a few associate units too.


The housing system at Offutt AFB is user friendly and aims to provide the newcomers with a homelike experience. As long as you send the application early, you have all the chances to get a home by the time you are deployed there.