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NSA Mid South Naval Base in Millington, TN Tennessee Military Bases


Naval Support Activity Mid-South is among the US military bases with the highest number of units hosted on site. It is located in Millington and hosts around 7500 inhabitants, whether you count the military troops, the civilian individuals employed on site or the family members. The base is operated by the US Navy.


The base was initially built to train pilots for World War I. It opened its gates in the autumn of 1917 and was known as Park Field. By 1918, it became one of the most important bases in the world. The schools there didn’t train US military troops only, but also troops coming from the allied countries. However, later that year, the activity dropped as World War I ended. It took 48 hours for the operations to be shut down after the armistice. In the upcoming years, the place was used for mail airlines around Tennessee and the surrounding states. Within a few years, the place was also turned in a storage place for old planes and parts. At that time, it was actually purchased by the US government.

The beginning of World War II had a similar result as World War I. The base was suddenly brought to life and the naval aviation was sent there. As World War Ii reached to an end too, the base activity was ceased again. A new base was established close to it in 1949. They started working and completing each other due to the limited facilities. A base realignment commission from 1993 completely changed the base objectives. In 1998, it was renamed to what it is today.

These days, NSA Mid-South provides logistic support, as well as operational help for all the commands and units located in there. As the place slowly evolved in time, it dragged in the local communities as well. They evolved together and now it represents the most important single employer in Tennessee. In other words, it played a massive role over the area.

Aside from the military operations it was part of, the base also involved in the human communities around it. The Flag City Freedom Celebration celebrated on July, 4-th, brings in more than 40000 visitors every year. At the same time, the National Night Out celebration is held in August and aims to warn the citizens about the potential dangers in every community.


There are over 30 commands located in NSA Mid-South. Some of the most important ones include the Personnel Research, Studies and Technology, the Personnel Command, the Manpower Analysis Center or the Recruiting Command. Although the place is run by the US Navy, the US Army also has a few units in there, such as the Corps of Engineers Finance Center.


It is vital to contact the local housing service as soon as you find out you are about to be deployed at NSA Mid-South. You will have to fill in an application and wait for a while until it is processed. In case you are late, you can always count on the privatized off site housing system.