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Naval Base Guam Navy Base in Apra Harbor, Guam US Military Bases in Guam

Naval Base Guam is no longer an independent military facility, but part of Joint Region Marianas, a larger military installation that also includes Andersen Air Force Base. The installation is located in Guam. Although it is under American jurisdiction and its citizens are referred to as USA citizens, the island is located closer to Asia than to America. The island is relatively small and although its inhabitants are American, the island covers a mixture of cultures and races that attracts tourists from all over the world. The merge between the two bases was complete on October, 1-st, 2010. It was the result of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure commission, which created twelve similar installations. The base is operated by the United States Navy, under the command of Paul Bushong.


The strategical location and geographical appearance make Naval Base Guam an excellent facility in the Pacific area, therefore its primary mission is to support the actions taken in this area. Other than that, the United States Navy actions are also among the priorities. If the base can step in and help, it will. Its mission also covers the military personnel and the civilian workers and families on site. Being far from home may be emotionally disturbing, therefore the authorities try to create a friendly and warm atmosphere to make the inhabitants feel like home. Their happiness is a priority.

The vision implies providing high quality services and standing up to the expectations. In order to get there, the base has some interesting principles it is guided by. The internal code of honor is followed by everyone, while the positive attitude towards the community keeps people in a good mood. It is said that a sailor will never be happy if his family is not happy, so this is when the facilities and atmosphere become important again.


Guam has been under different occupations over the years. The official Liberation Day came on July, 21-st, 1944. The base was run by the Japanese forces. The Americans stepped in and spent three weeks trying to get the island. More than 1,500 American troops were lost in the fights, while the local population also lost about 1,000 lives. The damage on the Japanese side was almost total. The entire local army counting around 18,000 troops was slaughtered. Some US Navy troops showed up right away, with a building squadron to prepare the area for a new military base. In the autumn of the same year, Naval Base Guam was established as a naval operating base. At that time, it was the largest facility in the Pacific area. The Seabees joined the site too, in an attempt to clear the place and make it livable.

Over the years, Naval Base Guam played a major role during the Korean War and the Vietnam War too. These days, the base is one of the major facilities run by the United States of America abroad. It hosts more than 6,000 military troops, almost 7,000 civilian families and even more retired troops.