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NSA Naples, Italy is a United States Navy Base. Located at the Naples Airport in Naples, Italy, the naval base is home to both the United States Sixth Fleet and the United States Naval Forces Europe.

Naval Support Activity Naples currently employees over 10,000 service men from every branch of operable service. Because of the eastern Soviet Union presence, the NSA was created to give support to both naval vessels in the Mediterranean and other various military units located around the Italian peninsula.

The main function of Naval Support Activity Naples is to act as a support base and provide administration assistance to other military bases in the immediate area. It is also responsible for managing the local education system and additional operations that help to support civilians and the families of service men and women.

Created to support the Allied Forces Southern Europe and the Sixth Fleet, the united started out as naval ashore unit Headquarters, Support Activities on October 3, 1951. The group started to change and become more defined by August 1953. The unit first changed to Commander, Subordinate command, U.S. Naval Forces Eastern Atlantic/Commander, Headquarters Support Activities and then eventually to U.S. Naval Activities, Italy/U.S. Naval Support Activity, Naples by November 1957. Finally, on August 8, 1966 the unit was consolidated to the U.S. Naval Support Activity, Naples and still remains in force today.

According to the official website the mission is as follows:

“To provide quality support to U.S. and NATO personnel, activities, and afloat units in our geographic area of responsibility. To ensure reliable command and control of all support provided to those units.”

On top of its normal functions, Naval Support Activity Naples assists with administering some support functions to different factions of the sixth fleet and its aircraft. Joint Force Command Naples, a regional command center that is part of the NATO Command in Europe, administers the NSA Naples base.

Throughout 14 ports in mainland Italy, NSA Naples provides fleet logistics support for both visiting US and Allied Forces. Any changes to your logistic requirement, both prior to and after your arrival, should be coordinated with Port Ops to ensure you receive the fastest and best possible service.

The base also provides emergency management services in case of natural disasters. It is prepared for emergency assistance due to natural disasters from local Mt. Vesuvius as well as the possibility of local earthquakes.

Naval Support Base Naples has taken over all duties except operations as a flagship support and docking base for NSA Gaeta.

NSA Naples has an on-base Navy College that offers servicemen to obtain Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Graduate Degrees, and various Certificates. Programs are offered through Central Texas College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, University of Maryland University College Europe, University of Oklahoma, and the University of Phoenix. Learning Centers on-base allows servicemen to prepare for various exams, both military and civilian. Tuition assistance is available to all servicemen who are interested in higher education and fill out the appropriate documentation.