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 McAlester Army Ammunition Army Base in McAlester, OK Oklahoma Military Bases


Base Contact Information

McAlester Army Ammunition Plant Base Operations: 918-420-7200 or 918-420-6642 DSN 312-956-7208

Housing Manager: 918-420-6480

Geography and Area Information

The McAlester Army Ammunition Plant is located in central Oklahoma at 34°49′36″N 95°55′26″W. The base is 14 miles south west of the city of McAlester, 102 miles directly south of Tulsa and 141 miles south east of Oklahoma City. The 44,964 acre (70.25 square mile) facility is located directly off of State Highway 69, which forms its eastern border, the western being marked roughly by North 392 Road. The southern border of the base is marked by Ashland Road and the northern by Highway 31. The area around the base is primarily rural agricultural plots and alternates between heavily wooded and open fields. The climate is humid subtropical and has mild temperature swings from season to season, but is known to experience extremes on both ends of the spectrum. The area is also known for producing massive tornadoes, primarily in the spring and summer months along with severe thunderstorms and hail.


The McAlester Army Ammunition Plant was originally commissioned in May of 1943 as the McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot. In September of the same year the facility began full scale production of naval armaments and propellants. Production continued throughout the post-World War II Korean War Conflict and Vietnam War era. In 1977 the McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot was transferred to the control of the Army as part of the Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition and designated the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.

In 1999 the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant acquired the Red River Munitions Center, a Texarkana based ammunition storage facility. Following the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Recommendations the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant acquired several additional responsibilities from the Sierra Army Depot, Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant and the Kansas Army Ammunition Plant.

Primary and Ancillary functions

The primary mission of the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant is to renovate, manufacture and store conventional ammunition and its related components. The facility produces a wide range of ammunition in addition to storing training and war reserve ammunition. The McAlester Army Ammunition Plant is the largest Department of Defense conventional munitions storage facility with 2,426 igloos and 2,891 buildings totaling 8,840,449 square feet (821,314.8 square meters).

Capabilities of the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant go beyond ammunition storage. The base has facilities and capabilities for demilitarization/disposal, training support, manufacturing, logistics support, research and development environmental protection and renovation. In February of 2011 a new 54,000 square foot facility was opened on the base to expand its center for reserve component units. The new facility has a 25,000 square foot motor pool, kitchens, classrooms and a workout facility.

Visitor Information

The McAlester Army Ammunition Plant is an active explosives and ammunition manufacturing facility and therefore is not open to public access. Visits require a current Common Access Card or a pre-approved pass from the base security office. More information can be found by visiting the base security office at the main gate or calling the base operations line.