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Malmstrom Air Force Base in Cascade, MT Montana Military Bases


As one of the only three military bases run by the Air Force that can operate the Minuteman III missiles for intercontinental use, Malmstrom AFB is located in the Cascade County, in the center of Montana. It is a census designated place that was named in the memory of Einar Axel Malmstrom, who was shot down in Germany during World War II. He was on his 58-th mission. However, he survived the bullets to die in 1954 in a plane crash while running a T 33 Shooting Star in a training mission.


The history of this base begins in 1939, after World War II began in Europe and seemed to slowly take over the world. It was the time when the United States of America decided to improve their military power and “infested” the territory with a lot of military bases. After a few years of testing various spots in Montana, the authorities finally decided on a place and the construction began in the summer of 1942. The initial purpose was to support the Soviet Union in the fight against Germany. Over the war, the units hosted there operated under the command of the British Air Force in Europe. They took part at a wide variety of raids in Germany. In the autumn of 1945, the supplies to the Soviet Union were ceased, as World War II was reaching to an end. More than 8000 flights took place between the United States of America and Russia in not more than 21 months. After the war ended, the base went in an opposite direction, against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Its main objective was to ensure the defense of the country. In order to fulfill it, it was significantly improved over the years.

Along its history, Malmstrom AFB went from one command to another, not to mention about the wide variety of units hanging around the base. With all this, it wasn’t so important over the upcoming conflicts, whether you consider the Korean War, the Vietnam War or the modern era invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.


Malmstrom AFB hosts the 341-st Missile Wing, one of the three wings that can maintain and operate the powerful Minuteman III missiles. It is, therefore, a very important base for the US Air Force. The unit includes the security forces group, the mission support group, the operations group, the maintenance group, the medical group and seven staff agencies, such as the Comptroller Squadron or the Staff Judge Advocate. Other than that, the base is also referred to as home by the 819-th RED HORSE Squadron, among a few associate tenant units.


Close to 40% of the housing system is not improved and doesn’t provide any modern facilities for the inhabitants. For this reason, the authorities aim to privatize it. In other words, you will need a local real estate agent while looking for a home at Malmstrom AFB. You may bring in your family and make a decision according to your budget and necessities.