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Little Rock Air Force Base is a military installation run by the Air Force and placed less than 30 km away from Little Rock. It is unique through the training and schooling equipment. It is the only base of the defense department that deals with C 130. It trains engineers, technicians, navigators and pilots. It doesn’t deal with US forces only, but also with troops coming from all the 28 allied countries of the United States of America. It hosts the Center of Excellence for C 130, as well as the E, H and J C 130 models.


The base is among the newest facilities on the United States territory. Its construction was approved almost a decade after World War II ended, in 1953. It took less than a year to the constructors to finish and open it. However, although it was open, the place was not entirely built. All the facilities, such as storage buildings, platforms, runways, concrete spots or igloos, were finished in 1957. After hosting multiple units, aircrafts and equipments, the base was taken through a process of improvements in the ’70s. That is when the first C 130s arrived at the base.


The first major American conflict Little Rock AFB was involved in was the Gulf War, in 1991. The base joined the war from both Middle East and Europe theaters. It was also involved in the operations from Serbia, not to mention about the relatively recent operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Over the years, the place was under the command of six Air Force commands. In other words, all the commands of Air Force held the control over the base.


The military base is the home of the 19-th Airlift Wing. It consists of four groups working together for the good operation of the base – operations, mission support, maintenance and medical. The place also hosts the C 130 Combat Airlift, representing the oldest unit around here. At the same time, the two groups of the 314-th Airlift Wing also use this place for a home, not to mention about the 189-th Airlift Wing.


Just like any other military facility, Little Rock AFB includes four tenant and associate units too – the 96-th Aerial Port Squadron, the 29-th Weapons Squadron, the 373-rd Training Squadron and the Det. 3 AMCAOS. With so many names out there, life and coordination might seem difficult. However, all of these units are tightly connected one with another.


The Housing Referral Office is the local institution dealing with the housing opportunities for the newcomers in Little Rock Air Force Base Arkansas. It works in a solid collaboration with the Hunt Pinnacle Communities to provide both on site and off site accommodation, depending on the duration of your visit and rank.


The individuals who are interested in the privatized housing can get in touch with the Automated Housing Referral Network. The network is sponsored by the US government and exclusively deals with on site accommodation. The only difference is that the houses are privatized.