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USAG Hohenfels Army Base Truppenubungsplatz, Germany US Military Bases in Germany


USAG Hohenfels is one of the dozens of US military bases located and run in Germany under the German laws. It is a co-base that provides high quality services and support for multinational forces, but mostly for the American troops. According to a self description, the base teaches the leaders how to lead, the soldiers how to soldier and the families and civilians how to grow. One of its missions also includes providing its inhabitants with some of the best services in the world, in an attempt to make them feel like home, especially in a place with a new culture and completely different people. The place is located in the southern part of Germany, in Oberpfalz, Bavaria.


The history doesn’t include the Americans too many times. The base was initially a local fortification and was created at the same time with a village in the area, in 179 A. D. The first constructors were Roman. The place went under French, Swedish or Austrian leaderships until the recent times. The initial training spot was established by the German army in 1938, while the forces were preparing to take over the world in a never-seen-before attempt. The purpose of the German government was to come up with an invincible army and the hard work definitely paid off. The Germans ruled Europe for years, with brutal invasions. As World War II ended, the peak times of Germany went down too. The Americans took over USAG Hohenfels in 1951. The US forces used the training site for years, until the ’50s, when they were merged with the Germans. The first German unit at the base showed up in 1955. It was stuck there until 2001, when it was inactivated.

The base was taken over by the NATO forces in 1956. It was used until 1988. This means the military base hosted American, Canadian, French, British and German forces. The British and the French units were not kept there for too long. The American unit deployed at the base in 1988 – CMTC (Combat Maneuver Training Center) was renamed in 2005 and since then, it mostly deals with foreign military troops. Over 90% of the troops are non-American. This mixture gives the allied soldiers the chance to work together, get to understand each other and successfully deal with the operations they are involved in. Every year, more than 60000 troops are trained at USAG Hohenfels.


The troops sponsored by the government are automatically given a home inside the base. However, the spots are limited, therefore the time is extremely important as well. The single soldiers must fill up some applications or can just rely on the privatized system. Although it is not as convenient, it is a good option when the on site system runs out of space. The military troops deployed temporarily are taught to accommodate to hotels or inns instead.

The housing opportunities are classified by the number of bedrooms, while the rental periods depend on your activity at USAG Hohenfels.