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Guantanamo Bay Naval Base is military base in Cuba

It is one of the oldest US Naval bases located in the Guantanamo Bay province of Cuba. The country is an island having a US base at the corner of the country with hills and mountains, which gives it many advantages of security. The base was opened in 1903 and it has been stationed in the area since then. According to Cuban-American Treaty, US Navy hold primary sovereignty on the area and the Cuban government has ultimate sovereignty in the area. But there have been some conflicts on the treaty between current Cuban government and United States, and they are working to solve the issues.

Guantanamo Bay Facts


    Website: Visit Guantanamo Bay Website

    Location: Southeastern Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

    Phone: 011-5399-4502

    Latitude: 19.902222

    Longitude: -75.098889


During Spanish-American War, US Forces seek shelter from hurricane on Guantanamo Bay, and hence a US Naval base was built on the site. The site also has a detention center for personnel, which either belongs to terrorist groups or are threat to national security to United States. The detention center has been under criticism around the world but it is still in operation. The detention center is operated by US Marines and detainees are trailed under military law.


The Guantanamo Bay also serves as US Naval Base that was established during Spanish-American War. After the war the US Forces captured large area of Spain and its complete sovereignty was given to Cuban Republic except the area of Guantanamo Bay as it was already in use by US Forces for refueling. The base becomes an important location for US Forces during World War II as it become the distribution point of conveys, which were arriving from of United States.


In 1939 the Cuban government restricted the US Naval base from number of services such as water supply. The United States paid fee for different services to keep the base running. Today the situation on US Naval base has fairly settled and it is still in operation.

Guantanamo Naval Base in Guantanamo, CUBA US Military Bases in Cuba


Despite the unfriendly relations between the United States of America and Cuba, the USA do have a military base established in the country. It is actually the oldest installation established outside of the country. At the same time, Guantanamo Bay is the one and only base the USA own in a country led by a communist regime. The base was established in the oriented region, in the southeastern part of Cuba. It is not far from the USA though – only about 600 kilometers away from Miami.



Judging by its location, Guantanamo Bay has more than just one mission. When it comes to its location, it is excellent for the ships that require refueling operations. Other than that, the international channel for shipping in the area must be constantly maintained, not to mention about the proximity to the Caribbean. The installation is part of a treaty with Cuba, so even if all these things would be useless, it would still have to be there.


As for the logistic support and operations, the facility is an essential “tool” in the fight against the drug traffic from the Caribbean to the United States of America. The experts on site provide logistic help to all the troops struggling to eliminate the traffic. Most of the operations in the Caribbean – regardless of their nature – come and connect to this base.


One of the aspects that tensioned the relations between the United States of America and Cuba is the migrant history. The USA aims to eliminate the communist regime and supports the migrants, but it also disagrees with the idea of illegal migrants. Therefore, Guantanamo Bay has something to do in this process too. It helps the migrants accommodate in their attempt to escape from the communist country.


The relations between the two countries were friendly in the past. At the beginning of the 20-th century, the USA got around 50 square miles of Cuba for a coaling installation. The treaty was signed in Cuba, in 1903. The treaty was renegotiated in 1934. The lease was changed. If in 1903 the USA had to pay around 2,000 gold coins, in 1934 it had to pay around $4,000. Besides, the treaty had a term that forces Cuba to host the base today too, unlike its wishes. The base can be closed only if both countries accept it or if the United States of America fully abandons the installation. Considering the vital importance of the base, this is less likely to happen. The relations were stable until the Cuban revolution that began in the ’50s. That is when Fidel Castro took over.


There were multiple attempts of the Cuban regime to eliminate the USA troops from its territory, but all of them were forbidden by the treaty. The base provokes the regime even more, especially since many Cubans work on site. Guantanamo Bay was also the home of the Haitian migrants, not to mention about the terrorist prisoners brought there by the officials during the war on terrorism. Most of them were part of Al-Qaeda.