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USAG Grafenwoehr Army Base in Grafenwoehr, Germany US Military Bases in Germany


USAG Grafenwoehr represents the path to celebrity for the small town of Grafenwoehr, located in eastern Bavaria, close to the border with the Czech Republic. It is one of the dozens of co-bases located in the southern part of Germany. They represent one of the tightest military “groups” in Europe. In other words, the entire southern half of the country is studded with such military bases. The co-base is operated by the US Army, but not after the USA regulations. Instead, the troops strictly follow the German laws.


The 100-th Area Support Group – one of the US Army divisions – headquarters was assigned to this eastern base in Germany in 1991. The move was part of a huge plan of the USA to deal with the European communities. The plan was called the Europe Community Plan. The mission was simple. Aside from the support to the command of the 7-th Army, it was established to deal with basic operations and provide training facilities for multiple camps in the surroundings, as well as the tenant units and inhabitants. The group included four different battalions – the 281-st, the 282-nd, the 283-rd and the 409-th. Each of them was deployed at different bases, close to USAG Grafenwoehr.

As the Cold War reached to an end, the USA decided it was time to close multiple facilities, camps and bases around Europe. Most of the units were sent back to the United States of America. Others were inactivated. Although this base was set for shutting down, its successes made the authorities change their minds. From 1992 until now, the units gained over $4.5M in ACOE funds, which means they obviously did an excellent job in supporting the units in Bavaria. At the same time, the eastern location played a major role during various incursions and invasions in the Balkans. The two most popular invasions are the Operations Joint Guard and Endeavor. NATO took advantage of the base as well, as it managed to support troops, civilians and families with a high quality lifestyle.


The housing system at USAG Grafenwoehr is varied and split in more groups. As a newcomer, you need to get in touch with the Housing Main Post. That is where you get a sponsor from, decide what you need and find out how you can find something to fit your necessities. The same rules apply for the Rose Barracks, a housing office that deals with the same aspects. If you don’t plan to bring in your family and you apply as a single soldier, then you must see the Single Soldier Housing Main Post.

Whether you are a soldier, a family member or an employed civilian, you have 4 different options – the on site government based housing, the off site government based housing, the off site privatized system to rent or buy a home or the on post single soldier accommodation. If you are unable to set up things for your arrival from time, you might have to stay at a hotel until you find a longterm home.