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USAG Garmisch Army Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany US Military Bases in Germany


USAG Garmisch is just one of the wide variety of names for American bases run under the German laws in the southern and central parts of this country. Most of them were taken over after World War II and this one doesn’t make an exception. It is famous in the area for the Oberammergau school run by NATO. The school is responsible for training sessions and seminars regarding the communicational field with countries that are not included in NATO. The George C. Marshall Center is also located in the German base. It teaches the trainees about the general relations between the Western countries. Finally, the school is not all about learning, but also about taking a break and enjoying a recreational atmosphere. The Recreation Center is a relaxing facility for all the base inhabitants. There are over 1400 families hosted at the base these days. More than 400 of them are military families, while the others are civilian families employed there.


USAG Garmisch was initially a German base with a long history. It was reinforced and improved prior to World War II with a clear objective – strengthening the German forces for the forthcoming invasion of Europe. The German regime planted dozens of similar bases throughout the entire territory of the country. The plan worked out well for a while, as Germany was almost controlling the entire Europe. However, a few mistakes were proven to be fatal for Hitler. The last German unit inhabiting the base was forced to leave the base around the middle of 1945. The 10-th Armored Division took it over and turned it into an American base. It was among the first bases taken over by the allied forces. Ever since then, the base was used for various operations in Europe and Asia.

The first years of the base saw it as a military base. In time, things changed a little, especially after NATO stepped in. These days, it is a very important hub for education and strategy techniques around Europe. It played a very important indirect role in most wars of the last century. These days, it is a pacifist base in a stand-by position, always ready to step in when the unexpected situations arise.


The housing system at USAG Garmisch is very user friendly and places your necessities and requirements among its priorities. Every newcomer is supposed to feel like home. You are assigned a sponsor to guide you as you accommodate and let you know how, why and where things go in the base. If you are deployed here for a longterm assignment, you are free to bring in your family as well.

The housing office is not responsible for the on site accommodation only, but also for the off site form of housing in the surrounding communities. When it comes to facilities in the base, you have anything you can think of, whether you care for the medical field or the recreational activities. It is true that the off site accommodation may bring in a few advantages, but the financial advantages are not that good.