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NSA Gaeta Navy Base in Gaeta, Italy US Military Bases in Italy

NAS Gaeta is not just a military base located in Gaeta, but a military base located in a paradise. The place is a common summer resort for tourists coming from all over the world. It is located half the way between Naples and Rome. The base is actually a co-base. It is operated by the US Army, but under the relegations of the Italian government, which is pretty strict compared to other governments that host US bases. Other than that, the base is placed in a very strategic spot. Italy is one of the closest countries to the Mediterranean Sea, not to mention about the Middle East. As a matter of fact, the first missiles hitting Libya in 2011 left from Italy. Other than that, the “boot” country is a common “pit stop” in the area.


The NSA Gaeta history is tightly connected with the US Navy. When the 6-th Fleet left France in 1967, it was deployed in Gaeta, Italy. Since that moment, the place constantly improved over the years. The 6-th Fleet deals with submarines, amphibious troops, land surveillance aircrafts, battle units and support ships. It is, therefore, a very complete unit with a major role in the US Navy.

Over the history, it has been a part of most major conflicts after World War II. It was in the middle of Europe, close to Russia, during the Cold War. It was about half the distance between the United States of America and the southeastern Asia for the Vietnam War and the Korean War. The latest invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq also benefited from the close location. As for the latest major war – the invasion of Libya, the first missiles left from Italy.

In order to stay connected to the latest technologies, the base has constantly been upgraded with the latest equipments.


The general objective of the base is to support the COMDESRON SIX ZERO and CNE / COMSIXTHFLT units. Other than that, it must provide a proper lifestyle and a safe environment for the inhabitants. Finally, it has a tight connection with NATO as well. It supports the school of telecommunications from Latina, about 90 km from Gaeta.

Both the objectives and facilities update on an almost weekly basis though, since the base is currently going through a major reconstruction.


Over the years, NSA Gaeta has supported and hosted multiple temporarily deployed units. The permanent ones is the USS MOUNT WHITNEY, with a few subdivisions. At the same time, the base hosts the Naval Support Activity of the US Navy.

The population includes the current unit troops, as well as some of their families, various contractors and small tenant units. The tenant units are spread all over the Lazio province.


The housing system is spread in three branches – on site accommodation, off site accommodation or hotels and inns. For the on site accommodation, you will need an application. The off site form implies the privatized system.