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NSWC Crane Division Navy Base in Martin County, IN Indiana Military Bases


Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division is the main and most important unit hosted at Naval Support Activity Crane. The installation is located in Indiana and covers three different counties – Greene, Martin and Lawrence. It is only 40 kilometers away from Bloomington and is entirely operated and owned by the United States Navy. The base was initially set up as a depot. It used to store, produce and maintain a wide variety of weaponry. The division, as well as the facility, are named in the memory of William M. Crane. Crane was one of the US Navy officers who fought in the 1812 war, as well as the main Barbary War. If you count on the size only, this facility is the third largest and widest naval military base. It operates in a tight collaboration with the closest human community, which is also named after the US Navy hero William M. Crane. There are close to 3,500 individuals employed.


The general mission of this division implies providing full support for technical and engineering purposes to special and electronic weapons. The division is responsible for developing some of the most advanced electronic weapons too, not to mention about a wide variety of other items in this field, such as sensors or particular systems. If you look at NSWC Crane Division as a whole, the objective is obvious – computerizing and implementing the power of new techniques and technology in anything a fighter needs, starting with weapons and ending with aircrafts. The three major fields the division concentrates on include the strategical missions, the special operations and the informational purposes.

Informational Purposes


According to NSWC Crane Division, once you gain control over the technological part of a battle, it is half won. The electromagnetic energy is among the most important features used with informational purposes. The division doesn’t just test and evaluate these systems, but it clearly supports them and actually trains the military troops in using them. The division is responsible for the manufacturing process as well.

Special Operations

The experts in NSWC Crane Division strongly believe that a fast response and an immediate answer are the two factors that determine a good and reliable solution. The faster you react, the easier it is to adopt a change. The sensors and communicational systems are among the items with the highest expenses. More than $60 millions have been invested in this field only in the past years. The same operations also include the special weapons. The mobility is essential, therefore the troops are supposed to know exactly what each system is responsible for. The training sessions are handled by the same unit.

Strategical Missions

The strategical missions are determined in a tight collaboration with the Department of Defense. Their general purpose is to prevent any attacks or plans against the United States of America. NSWC Crane Division and its advanced technologies represent the best allies of the country. Such missions imply flight operations, advanced radar support and launching systems. The infrastructure is among the vital areas to be protected too.