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The United States Coast Guard is among the five military forces in the country. It is the only one of them that responds in front of the Department of Homeland Security. It deals with multiple operations in the country and not only, such as environmental missions, search and rescue operations or patrolling. It brags with an average of 12 lives saved on a daily basis, more than 60 search and rescue operations or close to 1,000 pounds of cocaine taken from the streets. Coast Guard Institute is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is the primary site for site for training operations. Aside from the Coast Guard Academy, it is the most important institution in this military branch.


The primary mission of Coast Guard Institute is to support the training operations and sessions required by the US Coast Guard. There are particular skills an aspirant needs in order to become a successful field operator. The institute also helps those who plan on taking some courses or classes at one of the local colleges. There are multiple programs out there for the students. The students get the tuition they need, then they get tested and evaluated for the officials to see how much they evolved.

A secondary mission of the institute is to provide the right facilities for both the permanently deployed personnel and the aspirants. The facilities raise to the highest standards. The students are hosted automatically, but the professors, military troops and their families are just as important.


The history of Coast Guard Institute begins with the Oklahoma Military Institute. It was founded in 1919, with the clear objective to provide training courses and education for the aspirants to any of the American armed military forces. The institute was mostly created for the Oklahoma natives, but people from all over the country were welcomed. The second course was brought in 1923. It required two years of tuition only. Over the history, the college played a major role in both World War I and World War II, training thousands of troops to be sent on the field. Many of them ended up serving in the United States Navy or the United States Air Force.

The reputation of this institution never stopped growing. Multiple schools were brought on site and the training courses became better and better. Starting with the ’70s, it was taken through a massive technological improvement. Multiple modern equipments were brought on site, while the courses extended their length. The first college built has evolved into the Rogers College. Each original building evolved and turned into a prestigious institution.

Anyone is welcomed at Coast Guard Institute, its courses, training sessions and programs. One of the most popular programs is Foundation Grant. While on this program, the students can forget about paying for tuition. The program covers all the expenses. And this is just one of the wide variety of similar programs. All in all, Coast Guard Institute has grown to become one of the most effective institutions in the United States of America and that is obvious if you take a look at its results and reputation.