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Integrated Support Cleveland is one of the multitude of similar installations operated by the United States Coast Guard. This center is responsible for the units and divisions deployed to Ohio only. It is commanded by Lieutenant Austin Adcock and is organized in multiple divisions and offices.


The primary mission of ISC Cleveland and all the other similar centers is to support the United States Coast Guard. Each center has a particular area to deal with. This one is responsible for Ohio only. It supports all the military and civilian actions taken by the US Coast Guard members. It also supports the veterans and the retired personnel. The officials try to provide a great experience for all the members who require bureaucratic papers for particular actions. For instance, if one ex-member requires an official copy of the DD 214 to get employed somewhere else, that particular ex-member must reach one of these offices, according to the location.

In order to aerate the actions on site a little, the officials of ISC Cleveland have computerized most of the internal systems. Therefore, the members can also use the official website to request particular documents. However, for many papers, they will still have to complete the Form 180, but the best part is that it can be downloaded over the Internet, printed, completed and just left at the office. These actions make things a lot faster and more comfortable. However, they may last just as long if additional information or documents are required.


ISC Cleveland doesn’t have a very long history. The site was commissioned in the summer of 1996. However, the command is way older. The same goes for multiple other centers around the United States of America. Some of them were established around World War II. This one is relatively new and was established with four different divisions. The two most important ones were the Force Optimization – which also dealt with the training sessions – and the Comptroller. The other two were the Personnel Services and the Worklife. The Personnel Services office was more popular for the retired or reserve military troops.

Over the past couple of decades, more and more installations were improved and updated, while others were closed. This one was taken through a major restructuration process. The office is now split into two significant units. The Health Safety one is the less important one. Its activity is not as intense compared to the activity of Personnel Service. This second service is operated by Jeannie Paschal and deals with the basic and general requirements of the United States Coast Guard personnel. It handles most of the activities and requests.

As a short final conclusion, ISC Cleveland was a great idea for the support and needs of the Coast Guard troops. The center hosts multiple offices that perform an excellent work. The high quality standards come among the priorities, therefore the troops know they can expect a good and solid service. The center was created with the troops’ necessities in mind.