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Camp Dwyer is military base in Afghanistan

Camp Dwyer was built by the United States in Afghanistan as a result of the long standing relationship between these two countries. The United States moves to assist Afghanistan in warfare and military installations, while it also uses it during for its own purpose. It is fully equipped to serve as a marine base. It was built in the Helmand River Valley, a place commonly referred to the troops as “Hell man” due to its harsh weather conditions. The weather is usually hot, with temperatures reaching extreme values. The base is mostly commanded by the United States Marine and is operated as a store for logistics and living quarters for a number of troops.  A lot of United States military personnel have been killed in this region and are remembered by inscribing their names on metallic nametags that are hand on a tree at the entrance to the facility. The camp is in a secluded region with no nearby towns or cities, perhaps due to the harsh conditions.

Camp Dwyer Facts

Location: Helmand River Valley in the Garmsir District

Website: Visit amp Dwyer Website ›

Latitude: 31

Longitude: 64


The facility patrols the river and the seas to intercept and arrest any war threats coming in that direction. Being a troubled region, Afghanistan is a likely place for child trafficking and illegal drug transports. The marine also works to save this situation. It served as home to the United States Marine Troops that served in the Afghanistan wars. Numerous air-conditioning units have been installed in every housing unit at this camp to curb the harsh weather. Though there is no mobile phone service, there is internet connectivity. Laundry, gym and shower Facilities are built to be shared. The troops carry a lot of water, usually in bottles with them on their way to the field or when hiking. The weather easily dehydrates the troops and so they need to get water every now and then. When there is need, the troops are moved to the battle grounds and back. The bodies of those who died are also brought back and buried.