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USAG Bamberg is one of the wide variety of co-bases operated by both the United States of America and Germany on German territories. Most of them are located in the southern side of the country, creating a prolific and useful web right in the middle of Europe. Just like most similar bases, this one is in a stand-by mode most of the time. It is built to operate and provide assistance and services only during persistent conflicts. The last years turned it into a relatively active base, especially after the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention about the upcoming potential conflicts. At the same time, a very important objective of the base implies its citizens. The authorities hardly try to provide them with a high quality of life commensurate with the service the inhabitants and their families provide, in an attempt to make them feel like home in a completely new environment and culture.

The base is directly controlled by the Installation Management Command in Europe, but it is indirectly in the jurisdiction of USAG Ansbach.


The place belonged to the German forces in World War II. It was built to support the German invasion of Europe. However, time passed by and the Germans had to quit their plans in front of the American invasion. The place was known as the Warner Barracks and was taken over after the end of World War II. At that time, it became the headquarters of one of the most resistant American units in Europe – the Constabulary. The unit inhabited the area and went on with the initial objective – patrolling the area and ensuring the self defense of the areas taken over by the Americans.

The first major role of USAG Bamberg was in Operation Desert Storm, in 1990 and 1991. Some units were sent to fight in the Gulf War. By the end of 1991, the camp was “absorbed” by the Nuremberg 99th Area Support Group, ending up with a new commander. By 1995, both camps exchanged more troops while trying to reach a perfect balance. The whole relocation process “ate” almost $4.5M from the US government.

In the modern times – the beginning of the new millennium, the base was active in multiple operations in the Middle East, starting with the Afghanistan invasion and ending with the Iraqi one.


USAG Bamberg is the home of 8 units, such as the 1002nd CID, the Army Reserve, the 173rd Airborne or the 16th Sustainment. Compared to other similar bases, this one is relatively poor in tenant units. The units are here for long times and created tight connections. Most of them share discussions over the Internet as well, such as Facebook groups.


It is said that being discharged to USAG Bamberg Germany is one of the luckiest assignments you can ever get. The quality of life here is way above average, turning this place into one of the premium US bases. The housing services are user friendly and can help you before you even arrive there if you get in touch with them early.