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 NSA Bahrain Navy Base in Bahrain, Bahrain US Military Bases in Bahrain


Naval Support Activity Bahrain is one of the military bases owned by the United States Navy outside of the United States of America. In fact, this is a co-base. It is run by the USA, but under the authority, laws and regulations of Bahrain. The base is the most important one in this area and also the only one on a pretty wide range. Therefore, it holds the main role in the Middle East operations. It played a major role during Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn. Both this base and a similar one from Dijbouti are handled by the US Navy commanders for Southwest Asia. The base is currently led by Captain Collin S. Walsh.


NSA Bahrain used to be a local and national military base run and operated by the Royal Navy. The Royal Navy is the equivalent of the United States Navy, but in the United Kingdom. Since Bahrain has just recently achieved its independence, it was previously run by the United Kingdom. Therefore, the United States of America gain the control through a peaceful contract in 1971. A similar military formation has been created in Bahrain too, more than a decade ago. However, the United States of America have managed to retain the control over this military base.


NSA Bahrain didn’t really begin as an actual base. Instead, it was more like a constant and returning presence of the United States Navy in the area. Since the troops were constantly returning, the authorities raised a little facility in Juffair that was still far from an actual base. In 1971, the British forces finished their task and their presence in the area has officially reached to an end. This is when the United States of America stepped in and took over the small facility. It was only 10 acres wide and was later renamed to Administrative Support Unit ASU Bahrain.


In 1997, both Bahrain and the United States of America adopted a new program to support some constructions and a comprehensive buildup process. The facilities that were once built in Juffair were upgraded. The place looked more like a base after the construction was over and this is how the actual NSA Bahrain was founded.


In 2010, the United States Navy adopted a different program that is supposed to take five years since it was started. It implies $580 millions and has the clear purpose to improve the area. In fact, the authorities hope to double up the size of the current base. New and modern buildings and facilities are supposed to be raised by the end of this project, not to mention about barracks, recreational centers and administrative buildings. Basically, what the US government tries is to turn a small military camp into a modern, large and powerful military base. The project must be over in 2015 and judging by the latest conflicts started by the USA in the Middle East, NSA Bahrain might become one of the most important and useful facilities in the area.