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Aitos Logistics Center Air Force Base in Aitos, Bulgaria US Military Bases in Bulgaria

Aitos Logistics Center is one of the multitude of military bases run by the United States of America on foreign territories. This one is located in Bulgaria, in the southeastern part of the country. It is close to the Black Sea and represents a strategical point on the map due to the close location to the Middle East and the Soviet countries in the area. It is located close to Aitos and only 30 km from the Black Sea. The center is not actually a base, but a co-base. This means it is run by the US government, but under the laws and regulations of the Bulgarian government. Similar other co-bases are planted throughout the entire world, especially around Europe. Believe it or not, this base is among the few such that benefit from their own page on Facebook. This aspect suggests a tight community working together for the good going of the facility.


Aitos Logistics Center doesn’t really have a huge history. It is the result of an agreement between Bulgaria and the United States of America – the Defense Cooperation Agreement. It was signed in 2006 and implied the construction of four such bases in the central and eastern part of the country. The general objective of this agreement was to promote the NATO forces in this area. At the same time, the Black Sea is said to be relatively insecure due to being shares by both EU and non EU countries. However, although no major problems ever occurred, the Americans decided the best way to make it safer is to plant a few bases around it. Each of these bases has a specific objective and mission.

Aitos Logistics Center is responsible with hosting and storing most of the ammunition for the US military forces established in the area. It doesn’t store the ammunition for the bases in Bulgaria only, but also for others planted in close regions around Europe. The base has a very strict and clear organization. It is divided into multiple segments and subdivisions and each of them is responsible for particular types of weapons or hardware. However, from all these bases it supports, the most important one is Novo Selo Range. Novo Selo Range was set up in 1962 and represents one of the most important training camps in Europe. Plenty of NATO and Bulgarian troops get here to train and test various types of ammunition. In other words, the logistics center can be described as a complementary base.


There aren’t any particular units hosted at this base. Most of them come and go and relocate to Novo Selo Range for short periods of time, depending on how long their training sessions are. The troops are not American, but coming from most NATO countries.


There are about 2500 troops hosted in these four bases in Bulgaria, including Aitos Logistics Center. Once you are relocated there, you will be automatically given a place to live in. At the same time, the soldiers are not allowed to bring their families in.